Bolster Lock Folder with Mother of Pearl

Hayes, Robert

Bolster Lock Folder with Mother of Pearl

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Robert Hayes, Folder, with Mother of Pearl. "Bolster lock", 1977. One of Hayes' earlier knives with a guard sticking out. When closed, the guard sticks out on top. Putting pressure on the guard while pressing the bolster lock leaver, shoots the blade out like a switchblade. As this mechanism uses a "human spring" it is a legal carry knife. The 154CM blade is stamped "#1". Nickel-silver bolster and Mother-of-Pearl handle. Overall length 7" (180 mm). When one think of iconic knives, Bob Hayes is at the forefront. As a maker, he lived in a trailer, deep in the forest in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada with no electricity. Bobs’ shop was in a very small trailer and in his time he only made a handful of folders - few with the same mechanism. He had very little in machinery and his knives were truly handmade. Surrounded only with files, saw and sandpaper and a handful of folders, the accuracy of his fit and finish are astounding. Even Michael Walker would ask to see Bob’s knives and has said he got a lot of his early ideas from Bob. Bob Hayes’ pride was a 1953 Ford Stepside Pickup. It looked rather ordinary but under the hood it purred and ran perfectly. Most of the time Bob worked on dirt bikes. A Kawasaki 250 was fast! Bob told times in the 50’s when he did the widowmaker climbs at Carnagie in Livermore. Bob died in 1992.


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