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Boston business magnate Paul Farina has a penchant for collecting beautiful things. Since his first Manhattan New York Custom Knife Show over 40 years ago, Farina has honed an ever-evolving valuation of craftsmanship — the perfect articulation of artistic intention — in an effortless eye for beauty in all its forms.

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Variety and Quality of Knives

The Farina Fine Arts showcases a wide array of high-quality custom knives from renowned makers. Knives at the show can range from $695 to several thousand dollars, depending on the maker and the intricacy of the design. For instance, pieces by well-known makers such as Rick Genovese and Stephen Olszewski often command higher prices due to their craftsmanship and materials used.

Mark Hennary - 06/11

Thys Meades - Dino Front Flipper

This knife features antique emerald paper Micarta scales and is listed at $3,800. It was showcased at the Blade Show in 2024, highlighting its exclusivity and premium design

Dyne Jeremy - 04/18

Variety and Quality of Knives

This knife, crafted with Koa wood and a bronze bolster, has a blade length of 3 5/8 inches and is made from 1080/15n20 twisted mosaic steel. It is a fine example of high-quality knife making.

Mark Hennary - 03/05

Large range of knives with top qualities

A multi-bladed sports knife priced at $12,500, it includes various tools like a master wharncliffe blade, saw, triangular leather borer, corkscrew, and more. The knife also features fine exhibition stag handles, showcasing intricate craftsmanship.

Mark Hennary - 02/28