Italian Crabclaw Left Hand Dagger Circa 1580- 1620

Italian Antiques
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Italian Crabclaw Left Hand Dagger Circa 1580- 1620:The Venetian Crabelaw sword, was used in the Venetian Republic during its apex around 1600 which dominated the North of the Italian Peninsula as well as southern Balkans and west side of the Adriatic. The Crabclaw (as described by its guard) is classified as a true broadsword; this war sword had a wider blade than its contemporary civilian rapiers. The Crabclaw sword became popular among the armies of those who traded with Italy during the 17th century and was the weapon of choice for many heavy cavalry.

Civilian swordsmanship proliferated during the period of the Renaissance. Many types of weapons were used for personal defense as well as for a duel. The use of the Crabelaw sword combined with a second weapon a Crabclaw dagger in the opposite or weak hand was a common practice. The dagger could be used to defend by parrying while the sword attacks. It also had the added advantage of being offensive when the combatants are involved in closed quarter combat and the longer reach of the sword is no longer effective. This particular example of left hand dagger is of strong construction type with a heavy grip to facilitate offensive and defensive movement while using the dagger in combat.

Photography by Mitchell D. Cohen


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